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We can supply any tape in any size according your specifications. New park machine offers symmetrical shape roll in tolerance not exceeding 0.1 mm. Flexibility in programming of processes cutting and storing in the memory of the machine allows us to fully control the quality of the cut and ensures repeatability supplied rolls.

Ready use die-cuts improve and accelerate production. Diversified park machinery allows us to choose the right technology to optimize cost of die-cuts production..

The process of lamination of two or more materials created a new product adapted to the production needs. We can laminate any mataeriał as foam, felt, leather, film or tape using adhesive tapes.

Rewind the tape allows you to get the expected length of the roll. Smaller roll streamline production especially where the application executes the work of human hands.

Customers who want to reduce the production downtime we supply tapes on spools. The length and width of the tape supplied is adapted to the customer's manufacturing processes.

On customer request, we can design and execute arbitrary printing.